Remote Communities

REMOTE COMMUNITIES CryoStore addresses the issue of energy injustice and inequality in disadvantaged communities, which often encounter punitive power costs and reliance on diesel generators. Remote communities, especially those like Alaskan villages, bear the weight of high transportation costs for diesel fuel, alongside diesel generators operating at low efficiencies due to variable demand. Our energy storage …

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 Wind + Storage

Wind + Storage CryoStore offers a scalable and modular long-duration energy storage system that effectively addresses the energy challenges faced by regions with high renewable power integration, spanning from states like California and Texas to places like Puerto Rico and the UK. These areas encounter surplus power during peak wind hours and a deficit of …

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Solar + Storage

Solar + Storage States with high penetration of renewable power – especially solar – face the problem of more power supply than demand during the day and insufficient clean energy available at night, which means carbon-emitting power plants meet the night-time power needs. Two of the most populous states, California and Texas, fall in this …

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