CryoStore addresses the issue of energy injustice and inequality in disadvantaged communities, which often encounter punitive power costs and reliance on diesel generators. Remote communities, especially those like Alaskan villages, bear the weight of high transportation costs for diesel fuel, alongside diesel generators operating at low efficiencies due to variable demand.

Our energy storage solution tackles this problem through two avenues:

  • Optimizing diesel generator efficiency: By absorbing demand fluctuations and providing a constant load on the generator, our solution enables it to operate at its most efficient point. This reduces diesel consumption and lowers costs for residents with subsistence lifestyles.
  • Transitioning to renewable energy: Alternatively, we empower disadvantaged communities to pair our energy storage solution with wind turbines for a complete shift away from diesel-
    generated power. This not only reduces costs but also enhances air quality.

Through these approaches, CryoStore aims to diminish energy injustice and inequality, guaranteeing equitable and affordable access to power for disadvantaged communities.

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