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States with high penetration of renewable power – especially solar – face the problem of more power supply than demand during the day and insufficient clean energy available at night, which means carbon-emitting power plants meet the night-time power needs. Two of the most populous states, California and Texas, fall in this category, with up to 20% of renewable power not making it to market.

Storing the surplus clean, renewable energy would mean it could be delivered at night, and the carbon-emitting power plants could be retired. CryoStore’s scalable, modular, long-duration energy storage system will be co-located with solar farms to store the excess day-time energy – which has no value at that time – and then deliver it at night when the power has value. 

CryoStore’s solution maximizes the value of the solar farm for the owner-operator, reduces the cost of power for utilities (meaning households), and eliminates carbon emissions, all at a lower cost than other energy storage options. 

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