Wind + Storage

CryoStore offers a scalable and modular long-duration energy storage system that effectively addresses the energy challenges faced by regions with high renewable power integration, spanning from states like California and Texas to places like Puerto Rico and the UK. These areas encounter surplus power during peak wind hours and a deficit of clean energy during off-peak times, leading to a reliance on carbon-emitting power plants. In fact, up to 40% of renewable power remains untapped in these markets.

Our innovative solution revolves around co-locating our storage system with wind farms. By storing surplus energy, which is typically of lower value, we can then distribute it during periods of lower wind activity when demand for renewable energy is higher. This approach not only enables the retirement of carbon-emitting power plants but also maximizes the value of wind farms for their owners and operators.

Moreover, CryoStore’s strategy not only benefits wind farm owner-operators but also reduces power costs for utilities, directly benefiting households. Beyond its economic advantages, our solution plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, providing a more cost-effective alternative in comparison to other energy storage alternatives.

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